The Students who enrol at AUEB in the context of the European Student Mobility Programme Erasmus+ are eligible and wish to eat for free must complete the application for a special free meal card and submit it electronically along with the required supporting documents on the online platform of the Student Club AUEB at:




Using the codes (username and password) of their institutional account (codes for the electronic services of the Athens University of Economics and Business).

When you login, you choose “Submit an application”.

Then, in the field Application Details, you tick (√) the option “Students who enrol at AUEB in the context of the European Student Mobility Programme Erasmus+”.

In the field Beneficiary Details, you have to fill in your Home Address in Athens, your Parents’ Permanent Home Address, your Telephone Number and finally your Contact Email.

All the above are marked with * and are required. 

In the field Supporting Documents, you attach the document given to you by the Secretariat of your Department during your registration. 

In the field Other Declarations, you tick (√) the options “I have read and agree to the terms of use of the application.” and “Pursuant to Law 1599/1996, I declare responsibly that all the information given in the application is true and accurate.”

Finally, if you have completed the online application for a free meal card, choose the option “Submit”. Otherwise, you can choose “Save Draft” and complete the application later. 

Your application will be evaluated only when you choose “Submit”.

Finally, students will be able to use their special free meal card when their application has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Student Club AUEB and they will show their academic ID at the restaurant cashier.